Reason of Refusal of Visa | Visa Rejection

Most of the student visa application got refused by immigration for one or multiple of this reason/s. And I’ve also provided some guidance to recover these issues :

1# False income source of the sponsor:

Do not provide any documents to prove your sponsors’ income source that is not logical enough to prove that. The Immigration officers are very experts to trace which documents are real and which are not. Don’t try to make them fools.

2# The previous study is not related to your applied course:

Make sure the course/subject you choose to apply it has a connection to your previous course /subject in HSC/Graduation or your very recent job.

3# Study Gap:

If you have a study gap, make sure you are providing enough supporting documents to cover that. . if you are a job holder, provide your job-related documents, and make sure your job is related to your study. Keep in mind, immigration does not want any applicant to pass a long time jobless/studying less doing nothing.

4# Not Enough Bank Statement

Make sure your sponsor shows enough money to cover your whole course cost + living cost.

5# Statement of Purpose is Not Clear:

Make sure you have a clear statement of purpose. describe clearly why you choose this course, what you going to do after finishing this course, and how you will manage the expenses. Do not forget to provide enough documents to support your statements.

6# Not Meeting Health or Character Requirements

Provide documents to prove your character, such as “police clearance”.

7# Applying To the Wrong Course/University

Sounds like a lame reason but your course, university selection has a great impact on visa grant. It has to be done wisely based on your individual situation.

8# The intention is not clear

Make sure you clarify your main intention in your application.

9# Poor family bonding

Make sure you show them a very good bonding in your home country.

10# Hiding any information

Do not hide any information like- previous visa refusal or something like that.

11# Any other misleading information/documents

Make sure the information from all of the provided documents reflects the same thing. Do not provide different information in your different documents.

12# FIR Case

An applicant’s current and/or past actions, such as drug or criminal activities, as examples, may make the applicant ineligible for a visa. If denied a visa, in most cases the applicant is notified of the section of law which applies.

  • Read the guideline given on the embassy website.
  • Apply online after reading all instructions.
  • Do not leave any column or section blank. Follow the instructions mentioned in the specific section to provide the right information.
  • Attach valid documents.
  • Keep enough funds in your account.
  • Give a clear explanation of your intent to visit the country, stay, and return.
  • Do not make a typing error or spelling mistake.
  • Apply with enough time in hand.
  • Complete all the formalities of visa application properly.
  • Bank account balance, travel insurance, income tax liabilities, legal status, medical status, and health conditions are some major points of consideration.

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